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Good Mental Health For Your Salon Or Barbershop

In this blog is useful information for your salon and barber shop and some useful links to help you during lockdown.

January can be quite depressing, it’s dark nights and mornings, the wet cold weather, this has become harder during the current challenges caused by the pandemic.

Its made a big impact on all our mental health. Many people report this getting worse during lockdown.

What we need is a way to help promote good mental health, for yourself and your employees and clients.

Many employees state that they would recommend their organization as a good place to work if their employee took action to support wellbeing.

Stay in contact with your employees during lockdowns, insure that their needs are being met and their getting what they are entitled to.

  • Make it clear that the wellbeing of your employees is top priority. Raise awareness for mental health via internal communication channels.
  • Hold regular one-to-one staff Zoom meetings. Raise any concerns with your employees. Make it clear you want to support them.
  • Let your employees know they can contact you confidentially at any time.
  • Make sure your employees are clear about their job role and what’s expected of them, being unsure can raise anxiety.
  • Consider offering flexible working arrangements to help your employees with their work/life balance, offering support an understanding when they return to work.
  • Make sure they know you value their ideas and input, especially at times with anxiety when they feel their jobs may be at risk in such uncertain times.
  • Make sure you fully support their coping strategies to help them get back to full health. It will also help to prevent long term sickness and absence. Making reasonable adjustments will also help you comply with discrimination laws.

Signs of mental health can be changes in personality/ behaviour or mood, physical appearance or withdrawal are the most obvious signs. The best way to respond is to not be judgemental and have a listening ear, making time for someone and showing that your care about them can go a long way.

You must treat all employees with mental health fairly, not discriminate if they ask for help, or there are clear signs that they need help, not make assumptions about employees capabilities for promotion, or sick leave they may need due to their mental health issues.

NHBF have 24/7 access to their free legal help line which can help with stress related risk assessments.

Compassionate leave.

Mental Wellbeing whilst staying at home.

Mental Health & wellbeing.

Mind for better mental health.

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